Thursday, January 22, 2009

May not post this until tomorrow but today I went out for my first 2-mile kayak. That’s 2 miles straight out into the sea not along the coast. I do that because it gets me into the middle of what I call the Whale Zone. Most of my Humpback encounters take place from about ½ mile out to about 4 miles out. I’m always looking for a chance encounter that might prove exciting. It is of course almost impossible to try to “catch” a Humpback in a kayak but I have been able to plot an intercept more than once and it has been well worth the effort. Today the sea was absolutely calm so it was easy paddling and a beautiful morning.

No encounters but I did see a really good-sized Mobula (smaller version of a Manta Ray) doing some great flips out of the water. I get such a kick out of them and they always make me laugh out loud with their acrobatics. I also saw a herd of Dolphin further out but if you think catching a whale in a kayak is hard you should try a dolphin! There were lots of jellyfish out there which I hadn’t expected but I couldn’t resist going over the side and swimming for a refreshing and it was getting hot (no stings).

Vicente went out with some sports fishermen heading towards Isla Cerralvo but I haven’t heard from him if any whales were spotted. He has a network of friends that let us know whenever they spot a whale so maybe we can get an ID on it. Rest of the day I spent lounging in the shade of my new palapa reading and writing.

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