Friday, January 2, 2009

Arrived safely in Muleje today. I am 2/3 's of the way to my home in El Cardonal now. The desert I drove through today was exceptionally green this year, absolutely beautiful. I stopped for lunch at the base of Tres Virjenes (three dormant volcanos in the middle of the desert) and simply enjoyed the quiet and the natural beauty. I'm getting a bit tired of salami, cheese, crackers, hard boiled eggs etc but tonight I'm treating myself to dinner in town. 

New Years Eve in Ensenada was, as always, a surprise. Hussongs' was packed and I was on a roll. Perhaps one day I'll share some of the more intimate details, for now....well it was a "trip"! Hope you are all safe and will see 2009 as a rebirth, I certainly will.  

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