Friday, January 30, 2009

It has been blowing again so haven’t been out for a few days but there is something to report nevertheless. About three days ago I was on my way to see Vicente when I happened to see another local friend (Luice). Last year he was running for office as Delagado for the area where I live. It is the first step towards a more ambitious political position and I thought I would congratulate him on his success. It dawned on me right then that maybe I should talk to him, as my delagado, about my dreams for a whale sanctuary and ultimately a marine lab here in El Cardonal. Even with my very broken Spanish the passion took over and I was articulate enough at the end for him to sincerely pledge his assistance in making my dream come true.

That’s very cool. Today I was again in town center doing some errands when I saw a large gathering at the school. I stopped and saw Vicente there and asked him what was happening. Well, not the governor but the Presidente Municipal was going to be there and Vicente reminded me of his suggestion that I may even get a chance to talk to her. A Presidente Municipal is one step down from the Governor of Baja Sur. She is the top political official for The East Cape from La Paz down to Los Barriles. There are 5 in all of Baja Sur. No, I didn’t get a chance to talk to her but read on.

It was 2:00 and I still had things to do but when I got home I figured why not go by later after I’ve cleaned up (I was in shorts and tank top) with the pictures, plans and other documents I promised Luice that he could use to support my case with the “higher ups”. I did just that and as soon as I got there Vicente was introducing me to various people he thought I should know. I had that great poster Peter Armstrong put together for me of the Blue Whale and was showing it around. I figured I might as well go up to Luice (he was sitting at a table with the Presidente signing some kind of documents) and give him the materials I had for him, including the poster. He was glad to see me and when I suggested that I should leave the materials in his office he asked that I leave them with him right there. Good move! As I was walking away another man stopped me and asked if I had any more of the posters. He said the Presidente wanted one….or four. I hustled back to the trailer, got the posters and was back in el centro in 5 minutes. I delivered the posters and the man introduces himself as the Presidentes environmental chief!!

So he says that he will be in El Cardonal next week and would like to talk with me about the whales. At this point you can imagine how I’m feeling. None of this was planned or if it was, and I suspect it to be so, it was engineered by my eternal soul and the guides who have chosen to be with me in this lifetime.

Just before I left, with my soul about 2 feet off the ground by the way, Vicente comes up with the warmest smile and as I give him the thumbs up he says, “poco a poco”. If it all comes to naught it will make little difference, the love and support I have been given regarding this dream is in itself beyond Earthly measure.....thank you all.

I feel I need in this day and age to clarify something. It has to do with terminology. Please do not think that because I use terms such as soul that it implies anything to do with Judeo-Christian Mythology. I am a “Born Again Pagan” and proud of it but there are words which simply work the best. Don’t mean to offend anyone but it has to be clear where I stand on this very important issue.

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