Sunday, December 28, 2008

Well, I made it through the "holidays" in good condition. Since leaving Ukiah I have been staying with my daughter Kersti and son-in-law Bill in Sacramento. Day after tomorrow I leave to really start my motor journey to my home in Mexico. Had a real nice talk with my son Zack while he was here and yesterday Kersti and I went out to lunch to say good-bye.

New Year's eve I will be at my very favorite bar in the world, Hussongs', in Ensenada. I usually get there around nine and sidle up to the bar where the "old Gringo" expats like to sit and chew the fat. Remember....I am 67, so terms like that mean something and are not just quaint phrases.

By 10:00 the place is wall to wall with 90% locals (meant in the most honored sense) and 10% Gringos'. Music, talk, songs.....I love it! No throbbing beat here, no half naked gringas' trying to out do each others inhibitions, and thank the gods, no testosterone poisoned gringos' trying to out machisimo each other. Just dust, genuine people, songs from the Mexican heart and a celebration of life. Can't wait!!

For those who would like to know my opinions regarding a great many issues involving politics and the environment be sure and access my son's blog: . He is a speaker of the truth and speaks for his old man too. 

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