Saturday, December 20, 2008

I finally got around to doing a "test" pack of my car this morning in preparation for my departure for Mexico Monday. I've been telling my students over the years about how impressed I was in reading one of Mahatma Gandhi's biographies and a reference to the very small amount of "things" he had when he died. The claim is that it all fit in a shoe box. Exaggeration or not it certainly made me as a young college student in the '60's question my own already growing collection of things.

Well I've had lot's of things since then......houses, cars (and more cars), clothes, motorcycles, horses and well, yes, a whole lot of "things".  Although I claim absolutely no similarity to Gandhi except that I do believe peace and love are indeed the finest of "things", I was able to fit all of my worldly goods into my Subaru Impreza (and not the wagon) without losing vision out the back window. Now to be fair, I admit that there is some stuff down in Baja (a kayak and my dive gear and a very few "things" I cherish) but even they could fit on my roof. The point is, is that for those who have heard me tell this story about Gandhi and/or those who think maybe he had something there, I can tell you from experience that it can be done and it feels wonderful. 

In order that people all over the world might have the same delightful choice I have had, it is important that we continue to monitor very closely those who can't seem to get enough "things". The separation between the "haves" and "have nots" grows dramatically every year and more people worldwide are forced to live in poverty while a very few (read corporate heads) are amassing fortunes in the 100's of billions ( this is not an exaggeration). Some of that money is used for things like covering the bar stools on their private yacht with the foreskins of Humpback Whale penises. Exaggeration you say......check out the bar on the older Onassis
 yacht (The Book of the Penis, Maggie Paley).

I reiterate....I made the choice voluntarily to be without "things" at this time in my life just because it feels good, most are not that lucky. On this Solstice day I thank the Gods/Goddesses at my good fortune....and that it all fits in my car! 


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