Thursday, December 18, 2008

Since the year 2004 I have been keeping a private journal. There are now 650 pages of writings regarding just about everything. Although I do not intend to share all of those on this blogspot I do see where keeping the journal and taking the time and energy to do these blogs (plus finish my historical novel) may be more writing than I want to do....on the other hand maybe not, we'll see.

I have come upon a solution. I will continue to write in my journal as a top priority and simply cut and paste those parts that I am prepared to share with an "audience". My journal writing will continue once I actually hit the road for Mexico (which will be the 30th of Dec.) and then there will be more to read on this blog. 

Nonetheless there are times when I will just go straight to this blog as I have done tonight. The reason being is that I was channel surfing TV tonight and came across the movie "Twelve Angry Men" (the old black & white Henry Fonda version). I have seen this movie at least 3 times but was immediately caught up in the skill and intensity of the actors. Damned if I didn't watch it to the end once again! While watching it I wanted to yell out, "now here is acting, here is drama, here is life, why is anyone satisfied with the pap that is given the TV audience today?" Well, you know as well as I that the media is now, like never before, only another source of profit for a very few (the corporations) and they know the public is just too complacent to demand better. What a sorry state of affairs.

See if you can't find this "work of art",  sit back and be reminded of what we are capable of.

Oh....and happy Solstice!! In just a few days will be the oldest, most sacred ceremony of human kind. The beginning of the return of the Sun to light our world and to renew life on the Planet. It is quite probable that even old Homo erectus celebrated this day. Put out a stone!

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