Sunday, December 14, 2008

I can see right now that this blogspot is going to be great fun for me. I also realize that it will be a necessary avenue for my thoughts now that I won't be in the classroom anymore. Nice thing for anyone checking in is that they can just jump right out again. Not so with my students over the years!

I will occasionally include a quote. This one from Leonardo Da Vinci happens to be relevant to my recent life change: "Iron rusts from disuse; water loses it's purity from stagnation and in cold weather it becomes frozen; in the same way inaction saps the vigors of the mind." Nuff said.

My lunch with my "buddies" was all that I hoped it would be.....good friends expressing a lifetime of respect and love.


  1. Living with whales as neighbors sounds like an excellent way to keep the vigors of the mind from rusting and freezing over! Congrats on your new and exciting endevours! Best wishes

  2. Dear friend,this blog is a great idee because it will be a way to stay in touch from those who leaving far...leonardo his inspiring...for us,thinking about anew adventure see you soon...your friends from quebec brigitte,jean-luc,antoine,tristan et quentin