Saturday, October 31, 2009

Nice to see some old friends again and not just humans. Here is a shot of a Spiny Tailed Iguana that has taken up residence in the driftwood piece I call "El Dracon" in my garden. This is not my old buddy Huchiti that returned to El Dracon four years in a row but I am pretending it is one of his offspring.

Autumn has come in with a swift change in weather. The last 3 days we have had a steady cooling wind from the north, enough to require a blanket at night. It is interesting how even here in the sub tropics the weather changes can be so dramatic.

Also brought in these guys (not my pic)...Moon Jellyfish. Stung by one about a week ago, hurt but not like an Agua Mala!!

Hope you all enjoy the holidays coming joyful, be safe and pray for Peace and Justice in the world!

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