Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I can feel the energy changing here at The East Cape. The gringos are returning! The other day while shopping at the Mercado in Los Barriles I noticed how many there were in the store. They were also on the street, driving by in really big trucks and SUVs and now I am beginning to see them out here in El Cardonal. I am of course biased towards my own gringo friends that are returning but then here I am all year round now. The village gets no respite from me…”El Ballanero” is not leaving. It has been so very peaceful here since mid June. Nevertheless I am looking forward to the return of my friends to swap stories and generate our own community within the one that has embraced us here.

The road may or may not be paved by the time everyone starts to arrive. There was a two week hiatus due to some question as to funding but it seems to have been cleared up and work now continues.

I had a revelation while swimming laps yesterday, well after I got out really. I wondered first why I found swimming laps in The Sea so much more attractive and inspiring than swimming laps in a pool. I must admit that 4 years of intense lap swimming to condition myself for water polo has left a basic resistance to doing even one more lap in my life but I do know it’s really good for me and it is so clean compared to other forms of exercise. So this is my conclusion. The Sea (The World Ocean) is our ancient biological and ancestral home. Every cell in my body knows that and when I am in that World Ocean I am for all intents and purposes back in The Womb of the evolutionary process on this planet. The World Ocean is so “alive” with creatures big and small and the minerals that sustain them that while I am immersed in there with them I am once again “connected” in a very immediate way! The Cetaceans (Whales & Dolphins) REconnected 50-60 million years ago and never left again. Though they are mammals like ourselves and have evolved as the most intelligent creatures in The World Oceans we treat them as mere examples of another species. I think that is why I love to swim with them, they are me and I am they. So, when I do my laps I experience all of this and it feels good. When I swim with them I am for a moment part of their reality and that is way good!!

This picture is of a student of mine who came down as part of an ecotour some 2-3 years ago. She had never been in The Sea, had on a mask/snorkel or fins yet in two days she became a veritable mermaid. Now here was a person who really connected fast! Her name is Rachael Minnix and she lives/lived in Lakeport in Northern California. I love this picture for the expression of total ease and comfort that a human can achieve when connected to The Womb.

My red ant friends are gone. I was hoping that I was just not watching close enough but no, they are gone. I am sure they are fine, I would just love to know where they went. The millipedes have been gone for about two weeks too but there are always new critters to observe. Today I watched a good sized redish wasp digging a hole in a concrete slab. The hole must have already existed somewhat but this wasp was working really hard at enlarging and deepening it. After sticking it’s body as far down the hole as it could and extracting pieces of concrete (?) and stacking them around the outside of the hole it would buzz around the hole and use it’s wings to blow the material away from the hole and then it would start to dig again. All the while this other flying insect that was bee like but quite small would buzz around about 6” from the wasp and seem to be “interested” in what the wasp was doing. Could they have been the same species but different genders? Ah well, I am too lazy to investigate further but it was very entertaining to watch.

Tomorrow I will see if I can get a shot of The Great Blue Heron that hunts the shallows of the reef. He’s been there for the past two days so I should be able to get a shot. I know just about everybody has seen a Great Blue Heron but I happen to be seeing EVERYTHING in a new light so it will be like “seeing” one for the first time for me.

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  1. That shot of Rachel is one-of-a-kind. As many times as I look at it, I cannot resist being emotionally drawn in to it. Though we as humans cannot survive immersed in that environment, it is definitely a part of us. Experiencing this photo is testament to that.