Saturday, October 24, 2009

I can’t believe it, I got 10 ½ hrs of sleep last night. No cowbells, no barking dogs not even roosters in the early morning. That gave me plenty of energy to go down to the beach and do a full on exercise day. I wanted to get my kayak back on to the beach after the storm so I figured I may as well go out to the Whale Zone and hit the reef too. Nothing happening in either place so came back in to do some laps and running.

On the way in I saw my Great Blue Heron feeding near the surf so I beached my kayak and went to get my camera. Enjoy the shots. Amazing how kinda glumpfy they look when they first take off but boy when they get airborne how elegant, eh?

I then decided to do some laps, the water was clear and very little surge so I knew it would be pleasant. It was right up until I swam into a bunch of jellies. I received enough stings to get me out of the water but I hadn’t finished my quota of laps so I walked further down the beach and went in again. Finished my laps but I still had to dodge these critters every 25 feet or so. Fortunately they were not Agua Malas!

Then I did my run, push ups etc and I am now back in the trailer relaxing. What a life! Oh, yesterday I saw this snake coming out from under the trailer and passing nearby my lounge chair on it’s way to an evening feed. I was only able to get this shot before it was gone….incredibly fast. I am almost certain it is the “light form” of The Two Striped Garter Snake that is relatively common here. I love the Reptile People.

Next week there are a whole bunch of friends coming in. I’ll probably gain weight and party too much but I’m OK with that.

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