Monday, October 12, 2009

I have gotten into the habit now of walking along the beach and capturing with my camera some of the images that strike me as I amble. These are from the other morning.

Can't resist a flying bird shot. This is a juvenile Yellow Footed Gull.

Gazing out at Sea my eyes kept coming back to this piece of driftwood or at least this part of it....texture!

When you have desert right up to the edge of The Sea you are going to have these critters, The California Turkey Vulture. What caught my eye about this one was the way it was sitting. I've never seen a vulture "roosting" like this. Later it changed position and assumed a much more familiar posture.

More texture and a reminder of the eternal return to The Sea.

Later in the morning I noticed two squalls moving towards us but The Sea was absolutely still so I thought I would kayak a bit and see what would develop. Within about 10 minutes of getting out by the reef the wind came up, the rain came down and I have to say it was "exciting". I was never in danger but there was something "wild" about the whole thing. After I got back to the trailer I made some hot chocolate with a generous shot of rum and enjoyed the downpour. We have two storms in the area right now and both are giving us good rainfall but not much wind. This could change if Tropical Storm Patricia starts up.

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