Sunday, May 3, 2009

Went out this morning in the kayak around 8:30 and was drawn to diving the reef due to the clarity of the water. Good and bad decision both. The reef was literally teeming with fish and that was very cool. I almost always have the entire reef to myself because most people don't like to get out as early as I do.

Now the bad part (how bad could it be?), as I returned to my paddle out to the "Whale Zone" I did in fact spot a HB further out going south. If I had not stopped over the reef I would have been right there for a definite opportunity to dive with it. As it was I got within 100 ft but no more. On the way back I came across our local sea lion, we dove together and I got some underwater shots (not digital so can't post them).

Going out again tomorrow.

The picture is of one of my resident Cactus Wrens. They have completed their nest and I anticipate little chirpings at some point.

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