Monday, May 11, 2009

I have been out of commission for almost 2 weeks now due to the flu (no, not the "end of the world" stuff being peddled by the same old same olds), just the flu. Feeling better today but no guarantee it is the end of it. Have not been in the water since the 3rd so pretty anxious to reconnect with grandmother. Heard today that my buddy Vicente had a close encounter with a HB the other day splashing water in his panga! Hope this isn't the beginning of a tourist gig he is planning on doing due to his knowlege of whales now. I knew that might happen one day but I sincerely hope it's not the case.

The pics are of some of my friends; Gila Woodpecker, California Brown Pelican, Great White Egret and a Northern Cardinal. Hope to be back in the water soon.

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