Monday, May 18, 2009

I’m feeling considerably better after my bout with the flu and then a follow up bacterial infection. Going at about 90% right now. I made the mistake of going out kayaking three days ago thinking I was mended and came back so exhausted I thought I was sick again but like I said, better now.

I have taken up archery again after a hiatus of about 10 years. I first took it up as a very young boy attempting to emulate one of my on screen heroes, Errol Flynn, in his role as Robin Hood. If that doesn’t date me I don’t know what will.

I took up the sport seriously as a graduate student at The Univ. of Arizona in the mid 60’s. In preparation I read two books, “The Zen of Archery” and "Tracking" and then took to the desert to hunt javelina and deer. Never even got within reasonable range for my skill so no animals were endangered by my intent. I do it now simply because I enjoy redeveloping that skill (and Robin Hood is still one of my all time favorite characters). Presently I can put 10 of 12 arrows into a 12” square at 50’. Not anything to brag about but I thought I would anyway. I use the same bow that I purchased in Tucson 41 years ago! New arrows though.

Due to the sickness I have not been able to start my reef survey but boy am I looking forward to that. I believe both Alan and George (my two fine buddies down here) will be back sometime in early fall and we’ll really do some work when the diving is superb. In the meantime I will enjoy my solitude on the reef and get to know it a whole lot better.

For those interested: the bow is a 62”, 46#, Turkish Recurve Browning Nomad II. I have a 33" draw so total poundage is around 60 I think?

The reef shot is from last year. What looks like a smiley face in the sand is NOT RETOUCHED, that is a partially sand submerged Banded Guitar Fish. They are related to the sharks (same order different family for those taxonomists among you….if anyone is there).

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