Thursday, July 14, 2011

So…..once again it has been a while since I posted. My life has changed dramatically due to the fact that there is someone I have grown to really care for. Enough said.

I do want to mention a visit I had with Laura Hamburg, her brother Kirt and their friend Kirk. Laura is of course and old friend, and a “Whale Diver”. I had the pleasure of getting to know her brother Kirt who I had only met briefly before. It took only a short while to find that we are “brothers” and I now consider Kirt a dear friend. We all spent the day and evening together and I crashed at their rental in Los Barriles before going back to El Cardonal the next morning.

I love this pic of Laura. I didn't take it but it was down here in Mexico.

Jennifer, Kirt, Cassie & Gabby. Not my pic and I didn't meet the whole family, but this is a great pic.

Some of the desert plants are throwing out blossoms and I caught this one before it was gone the very next day. This is on a Pitaya cactus next to my adopted family's (The Q’s or Quebecois) home next to mine.

On the 29th of June we got our first rain here in the desert....2 minutes only but started some of the plants thinking. Also got my Iguana friend “Bub” out of his home for a look around.

On July 3rd I flew to Charlotte, N. Carolina to see my sweety. Plane delayed in San Jose, missed connection in Dallas, arrived 12:30 in the morning. The week went by far too fast but every minute was a joy and a delight…..every minute. I also lucked out by motor sailing in Charleston Harbor, SC, and seeing Ft. Sumter. For a Civil War buff a definite treat. I also saw THE Corporate Head Quarters of B of A in Charlotte….different interest eh?

This morning, July 14th, is my second day home and I went out for a sunrise kayak to The WZ. I haven’t been in The Sea in almost two weeks! Had a beautiful view of the sunrise, did a meditation ( a very special one) and then returned in by way of laps across the reef. Water was real murky and lots of little stinging jellies but not painful enough to get me out of the water.

Now sitting under the palapa, writing, reading and absorbing the tranquility of my “Shangri-La”.

This last pic is not mine but taken recently here in Baja Sur. Check out the bubble pattern on this Orca.

I love Orcas!

This last pic is yours truly, courtesy of Ashley Schaeffer

I hope all of your lives are as rich as mine!

Morning kayak, boobies, dolphins, jellies

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