Thursday, June 23, 2011

We have had more Orcas in the area then in previous years. At least this has been MY experience and I have heard it said by others also. This does not necessarily portend anything but if my observations are correct then indeed something is going on. I do recall however that last year people were telling me of all the Orcas they had seen and I had seen none.

My first experience since the fantastic Orca Swim I made some months ago was on June 5th. I was doing my morning workout on the beach when I sighted what I thought at first were a small group of young HBs, Pilot Whales or large Dolphins. As I continued to watch them I realized that they were in fact Orcas. I knew I couldn’t get to my gear and back out in time to intercept them in my kayak but I was close enough to my neighbor Leslie Cook’s house to hail her. I did and she responded by getting her SUP board launched and off she went on their trail. They were too far away for Leslie to catch them but I sure have to admire her “gumption” in going out after Orcas at all. “Good on ya”, Leslie.

There was a huge solar flare on the 7th of June, very impressive. I don’t think there were any particularly dramatic affects here on Earth though.

Not my pic

My very special friend Terry Kerr from N. Carolina came to visit me on the 8th, and I will just say that my world has been brightened, expanded and made more beautiful.

Terry Kerr

On the 12th, Terry, Alan, Marilyn and I went out for a day of searching (always looking for whales), diving and fishing. We had an unexpected and terrific encounter with……yes, Orcas again!!! There were between 4-6 of them, no big males that I could see, all females and a couple of pretty young ones no more than 10’ long. They played around the panga and at one point, one of them surfaced for a blow, a look and a dive no more than 5’ away from where Terry sat at the bow of the boat. The look of ecstatic joy on her face was too good to do anything but enjoy, so no picture. Here are some shots that will give you an idea. These were taken by Alan Pomeroy except for the first one, that's mine.

Later we went to the restaurant, “1535” (the date of Hernan de Cortez first landing on the Baja peninsula) on the beach at Bahia Los Muertos for a great lunch; all in all, a wonderful day.

Pelicans at the Bahia Los Muertos boat ramp, Terry's pic

I haven’t been out at Sea much lately, wind has been up again, but plan to make a tank dive with Alan on Saturday. I did get out to greet The Summer Solstice Sunrise in my kayak on the 21st and that was nice. I had intended to do my BreathWave and Meditation out there but The Sea was a bit too restless, so I paddled in and did my beach workout and laps.

It’s starting to heat up down here so I have been out at night hunting scorpions. If I get them now there will be less when it turns wet. I am borrowing a UV flashlight from Alan that LITERALLY makes the scorpions shine like bright yellow neon, easy to see from a long way off.

My good friend “Bub”, my Spiny Tailed Iguana friend checking out the action.


That’s about it for this go around. Hope you are all well and that life is good!

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