Sunday, July 31, 2011

It looks like I may be getting involved in some turtle work. While John Schaeffer and family were here a few weeks back (I was in Charlotte), they spotted some turtle nests, tracks and possible shell fragments in front of their home. They brought this to my attention and after a cursory investigation it appears that indeed there is a nesting area there and therefore my interests have been aroused. The problem is, is that there are poachers about as well as town dogs, Quads etc damaging the nesting grounds. The various Sea Turtles worldwide are endangered and need all the help they can get. At present I am meeting with some of the local turtle monitors to see how I can help. I have found that it is all about PERMITS. We’ll see how that works out. The Mexican Government is very touchy (and justifiably so) about who and how Norte Americanos do their work down here.

I have been helped by Dr. Isa Posner who is visiting from Ukiah and has been my companion on a few turtle searches this past two weeks. In fact we ran off a poacher about a week ago. She also contributed the money necessary to go out looking for any errant or residential HBs. We saw no whales but she did catch a nice Dorado which she shared with me….delicious!

Dr. Isa Posner

Hurricane Dora (category 4 at one point) petered out before getting to us so still no rain here. August is our big month and I just saw online that there is another tropical depression a bit south of us that might develop into our next hurricane. Dora’s influence did however bring in a fair bunch of Agua Malas (Portuguese Man O Wars) but I didn’t get stung except for a small one I stepped on while walking the beach. I walk barefoot all the time now (unless I go into Los Barriles) so my feet have toughened considerably.

Track of Hurricane Dora

My Cerruelo tree in front of the trailer has begun putting out fruit that I will soon be able to eat. It is a small, yellow-orange plum. Somewhat bitter but my body seems to love them because I really enjoy eating them. I will be in competition with the Bird People but there’s plenty for all of us.

Cerruelo tree

My Algodones (Cottenwood Trees) are putting out beautiful blossoms this year. I look forward to the rains, this year should be extraordinary! I really do love it here in the summer…..sultry, still, exotic.

Algodones blossom

It also brings out more of The “Reptile People”. Here’s a Desert Horned Toad that came by for a visit while I was reading under my palapa.

Desert Horned Toad

My palapa and beloved trailer

On the 28th there was a small plane crash just about a mile north of me. Apparently some “Druggos” trying to make some extra bucks. Either they ran out of gas or weren’t familiar with the plane they stole so they are now no longer with us. The beach in front of my village was inundated with Federales, Municipal Police, Mexican Marines, Navy, Forensic units etc. I saw the bodies brought in, very grim, very grim.

Two days ago I did the “unthinkable” (in a desert environment) and left the water running on my plants until the cisterna was dry and the pump heating up. I woke at 1:30 am and suddenly realized what I had done. The good news….pump not burned out, cisterna full again, a reprieve.

Then yesterday the refrigerator in my trailer finally gave out (45 years old) so I have to go to Cabo next week to see about a rebuilt. No big deal really, just inconvenient and will cost some.

My life here continues to amaze me as I meld more and more with nature. I am absolutely convinced that my good health and healing is because of this intimate relationship with The Natural Forces here.

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