Friday, April 9, 2010

The Whale Season is coming to a close for me and it has been a good one. I went out last week with my very dear friend Christine Gist along with her, and now my friend, Linee from Vancouver. We ID'd 6 new whales for a total of 76 encounters and probably around 50 quality IDs this year. I am going out once more tomorrow with my friends Alan & Marilyn Pomeroy and hope to get some water time with the whales.

Linee on the left and Christine on the right of the picture

This has been my best season by far with almost double the number of encounters and IDs than ever before. What this all means we will have to see, certainly something is up within The Cetacean Nation. I had a visit from Micheal Fishback the other day and he said the same was true for The Blue Whales this year up around Loreto; I have only seen one however this year.
I am always sad to see my Humpbacks go but I send great love with them on their epic journey north.

It's all about food and having the metabolic energy to find a mate and reproduce. The food source for the entire Oceanic World depends on the plankton and they are governed by the water temperature, salinity & pH. Need I say more!

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