Monday, April 12, 2010

It was a very special day today and important too. A lesson was learned by me that could very well aid me in my quest to communicate with The Cetacean Nation.

I woke early this morning as I usually do. The sun was not yet up and I could tell from the stillness that The Sea was tranquil. I did a turn around The Medicine Wheel as the Sun rose, thanking the Spirits of the Four Sacred Directions and asking them to let me see with greater clarity what it was I was too do to further my path to wisdom and service. The Whales of course came to my mind and I asked that The Cetacean Nation see me as a friend.

Without a second thought I suddenly decided that this morning I would kayak out to The Whale Zone and recommit to my work with The Humpbacks. With singular determination I ate a quick breakfast and within a half hour I was launched and on my way. It was a beautiful morning, not a cloud in the sky, no wind; a perfect kayaking day.

When I got out to the 2-mile mark I stopped paddling and simply enjoyed the utter stillness. At 2 miles out there is no sound but The Sea (unless some yo yo is revving their car, motor bike or jet ski of course) and I thought about my relationship to The Whale People. I asked for an encounter so that I might once again have the exhilaration of swimming next to one of these wonderful creatures up close under water (although I have now swum with many whales, only twice before have I swum with one under water so that I could actually see their entire body in motion). Believe me that is a very special treat!

I was then reminded of what my good friend and Huichol Shaman Tomas had told me. “If you are not sure of what you should do, ask yourself, what is my intent?” Upon reflecting on that I realized that I had come to wanting to swim with The Whale People so that I could TALK ABOUT IT TO OTHERS! I immediately recommitted to the original purpose, which was to offer myself as a human friend ready to exchange SPIRIT with them.

Feeling much better I paddled around a bit and then decided to come in over the reef and do some laps as I approached the beach. There was nothing that suggested any particular time to bail out of my kayak to start my swim but there was a moment when it just seemed right so I put on my mask and fins and popped in. I usually swim to my right so about every 100 strokes I check my heading (no question but I would swim in one big circle if I didn’t check). I had done 250 strokes and suddenly decided I would not wait for 300 strokes but look now.

Coming directly at me from The North and about 75’ away was a Humpback. I have never been in better position and geared up too! Then I saw there were two….mother/calf for sure.

Not my photo. This however captures the exact situation this morning. Thank you "Monica" from Hawaii.

The mother dove and gave me a flukes up about 50’ in front of me so I dove down but the water is just not clear enough here at this time of year so I knew she passed me below. I came up for air and there was the calf just getting ready to dive behind her. Down I went again to about 20’ and there it was right next to me (less than 10’ away) giving me the eye and letting out a little call (not distress) to it's mom. When I surfaced I quickly rolled into my kayak to see if I could follow them for a bit but they were moving to fast. I gave them my heartfelt thanks and a “happy holler” as they continued on their way.

Every decision I made this morning, walking The Medicine Wheel, when I ate, the launch, returning in, starting laps that put me RIGHT IN THEIR PATH, I feel was a gift from The Great Mystery.

Yes, I told another whale swim story, it is part of what I am supposed to do.

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