Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I haven’t been posting for a while due to a visit by my son Zack. We have been keeping busy literally day and night (excluding power naps in the afternoon) enjoying the sand, sea and critters. Not to mention this being the first time ever that Zack and I have had a full week to hang out together without outside distractions. He also brought some excellent videos I have been wanting to see, ie: Star Trek and Moon, plus the 5th season of Lost and the series on The American Indian, “We Shall Remain”; great way to finish the day. We have quite similar tastes and love to comment on the movies.

Most importantly for me is that he was able to join me while I ID’d some Humpbacks. Not only did we ID them (5 all together) but swam with them and at one point were in the water with 3 large Humpbacks within 40’ of us, and dozens of Bottle Nose Dolphins within 10’. It was a dream come true for me to be able to introduce Zack to my Cetacean friends. Zack did not hesitate for a minute when I suggested we get in with them, he made me very proud, especially with the three Humpbacks that had been in combat along with the dozens of dolphins around us, it was a real “party”!!

Here are some shots from the past week

My son Zack

kayaking near El Cardonal

Zack & Vicente

2 Humpbacks vying for a mate

A little aggression

Up close

Right on Zack!

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