Saturday, March 6, 2010

It has been another quite incredible week. By Thursday I had 54 IDs. On Thursday I took out some new friends from Vancouver and we got 5 IDs. What was particularly cool about Thursday was that there were lots of dolphins in the area and they were hanging with the whales. As we followed a couple of whales and I was sitting on the bow with my legs hanging over the dolphins would ride the bow wave directly under my feet (maybe 1’ away). They kept turning on their side and giving me the eye so I waved and called to them. They seemed to respond by becoming even more active. I have had lots of dolphin experiences but this was definitely one of the best. With the telephoto on my camera the dolphins were too close to get a shot under my feet but here they are approaching me.

Yesterday I went out with Vicente and two young folks (Tyler & Bjorn) from my neighbors, The Cooks. The day was a bit chilly and the skies dark but the Humpbacks have been so active in the area that it is hard to resist going out. We found some Humpbacks out by Punta Pescadero and after ID’ing them we were heading north because of a report from Vicente’s son that there were some HBs near El Cardonal. As we were cruising along Vicente spotted a Sea Turtle and Tyler wanted a picture so we went over. When we got there we could see that the turtle was in some trouble. It had a large plastic bag wrapped tightly around its right flipper and was unable to swim. We got next to him and while I held him by a hind flipper Vicente cut the bag off. It was OK and swam down into the depths a much happier turtle. We were all of course delighted that we had accomplished a turtle rescue (they are becoming more prevalent as more plastic accumulates in the oceans).

On top of that I got my 60th and then 61st and 62nd IDs. A very “big” record for me.

HB# 62 10.....a beauty!

Still working together after 6 years, "The Dynamic Duo" of El Cardonal.

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