Friday, November 20, 2009

Today is Nov. 20th and it is a day when The Mexican People commemorate The Revolution of 1910. After gaining independence form Spain in 1823 a series of men, some good, some bad, led Mexico in its path to Nationhood. Unfortunately, as happens in all countries, many of those men and their cohorts abused the rights of The People. Once again it was necessary to commit their very lives to change and reform a system that had become corrupt. On November 20th, 1910 various leaders emerged from the ranks of The People. In my mind the greatest of these was Emiliano Zapata. If ever there was a revolutionary leader who’s ONLY AGENDA was to bring liberty and justice to his people, it was Emiliano Zapata.

All the pictures I have ever seen of this man show the dark, bright, part Indian passion of his soul.

Here in El Cardonal there was a parade this morning to remember the sacrifice made by those revolutionaries in 1910. I followed the short but sweet parade down the newly paved main street and felt more at home than I have ever felt before. Today I too honor the people who had the passion and courage to fight against an oppressive system. These are “my people” now and it felt real good.

That's it, that's the whole parade.

May it never be necessary for these little ones, anywhere in the world, to have to do this again!

The beauty of the people in Mexico is staggering to me.

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