Monday, June 21, 2010

It seems that all my life I have been straddling a fence ("Can you bear the beauty with the pain"). There has always been and there continues to be a part of me that is absolutely enraged with the ignorance, greed and evil that was ramped in the world I was born into (1941) and that at 68 I still find determining the future. I was told by my mother that the first two years of my life were spent in a “War Zone” in which my people (The Estonians) were targets for both sides during The “Great War”.

Tallinn, Estonia, city of my birth

Maybe I was “shell shocked”, I really don’t know. What I do know is that the global system that is in effect at the present time (Capitalism, phony Democracy and Corporate Power) is corrupt and destined for failure (thank the Gods)!! Although I have become once again an expatriate, and spend little time agonizing over the direction that The US (and it’s whores England & Israel) continues to take, I am kept abreast of events by my son, Zack. Fortunately, my daughter Kersti mellows my temper when it all becomes too depressing.

I feel it is my responsibility as an elder to speak out in support of what I know to be right and good. What is that? Well……realizing WAR ain’t the solution, it’s the problem!! Fossil fuels HAVE TO BE DISCONTINUED as an energy source. Regardless of religious beliefs, POPULATION CONTROL is a must. Perhaps most importantly Corporations ARE NOT INDIVIDUALS and should not be seen as such under the Law.

Well, there you go, my venting. But it’s more than that. It really is something everyone needs to address personally and spiritually. We are allowing our freedoms and our future to be ripped off by unscrupulous men and women who have only one agenda…wealth and power.

OK so now for the good stuff (the other side of my fence straddling). For years my grandfather’s stories about his experiences as a sea captain have been passed on orally. Now we have an Estonian whose grandfather was also a sea captain translating my grandfather’s book, “30 years as a Sea Captain in The Far East”. To say the least it has been a great read so far (half done).

My grandpa Peipa

I have often mentioned my good friend Jorge (George Sievers) in regard to my life down here, well here’s his picture. A good friend and a good man.

Jorge in Colorado

For those of you interested in the crop circle phenomenon check this latest one from England, Yeah, right… the dark, totally quiet and overnight.

Here’s a picture of the Summer Solstice Stone I set this morning. It’s the larger one to the left of the yellow marked (Equinox) stone. The large one to the right is The Winter Solstice Stone. These are constants, devoid of influence from men/women and the key to understanding the workings of this planet. That is why humans have celebrated these moments for tens of thousands of years before the concept of one god and a chosen people, whatever race or religion, was forced on us.

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