Tuesday, June 29, 2010

For those of you who may actually be reading my posts (and I am honored) don’t misinterpret from my recent post or this one that I am depressed or loosing hope. Of course I am terribly disappointed in The President, The Congress, The American people and the lack of general intelligence of The Human Race but outside of that I am very well indeed.

Does this guy look stressed?

Before I leave that however I would like you to see this photo (not mine) of the waves breaking on Alabama shores. Not to mention the “peripheral damage” to turtles, sharks, whales, dolphins…..and PLANKTON!!

This is really, really not good!

The BP debacle is only a forerunner of the very real potential for global disaster unless we stop this ludicrous dependence on oil. As a retired Biology Professor I am amazed at the lack of understanding by the common folk of how this planet actually works. The agenda of The Rich and Powerful is so devoid of planetary sensitivity that they are not even worth mentioning but what the hell is being taught in Biology classes that the Common folk aren’t incensed? What don’t they understand?? It’s all so damn simple!

Well I’m incensed. There are plans to build three new marinas (see restaurants, hotels, upscale houses) down here within 30 miles of my Humpback grounds…..and golf courses too….for Gringos! I’m fighting it every way I can with a lot of other folks but we’er talking BIG MONEY here…corporate money. The depth of my hatred for these people and their greed has only grown over the years and I will fight them as long as I am alive.

Today’s diatribe is a result of two things; a report on the damage to the shark population from the oil “leak” and seeing that The Supreme Court of The US has struck down the gun control law in Chicago as unconstitutional. Over 500 people murdered in Chicago last year and it makes sense to provide more easy access to handguns?? I’ve got to stop looking at CNN.

OK, so the cool part again. My friend Antonio saw a Humpback going south in front of El Cardonal about two weeks ago. Very late in the season for a whale to still be here, wish I could have seen it. I still go out to The Whale Zone occasionally thinking I may have an adventure but not much out there right now.

The insect world continues to be moderate even with the increased temperature and humidity. More flies for sure but they and the mosquitos so far are manageable. No scorpions around my place yet….very cool. I had a two day ant war in the trailer but it seems I am victorious. These aren’t my red ant friends but these frantic small black ants that get everywhere. I did see a small group of Dragon Flies going north yesterday but I don’t think it’s migration time yet. No millipede swarm yet either.

My two Iguanas are doing well and seem to be enjoying the fruit slices I put out for them in the morning. I can get within about 2 feet of them now before they scamper into their holes but I am working on a closer relationship.

Here is the third of my Pagan Symbol series that I paint on rocks to have around my place. Although the first explanation of it is the popular one it is also very possible that it actually describes the seasons (second pic). I took the symbol from the net. It's on an old piece of parchment housed at The Icelandic Museum. I copied it as authentically as I could so it is not perfect geometrically.

The traditional Occult Symbol – Aegishjalmur commonly referred to as the “helm of awe” is an ancient Scandinavian runic Viking symbol. The symbol is said be worn over the forehead or used as a tattoo. In history it was said to be scratched or drawn on the inside of one’s battle helmet to give the wielder power. Its magical purpose is said to be protection and “irresistibility” in battle.
Within the symbol is Algiz as shown by the image which is the rune of protection. In the center is the circle most likely representing oneself surrounded by protective energy. This was a very powerful symbol from the pagan era, it is indicated to be used in battle as well as protecting the wielder in general from magical or physical attack including the abuse of power.

And here is another recent crop circle.

June 25th, 2010, England

Dream PEACE into existence and call upon the ANCIENT POWERS. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.

And here are two devoted, and lovely, Whale Protector friends. Line Bork on the left and my 2009 intern, Elizabeth Plumb on the right (not in research gear)….Goddess bless you ladies!

The "light" that these young women bring into my life is no little matter.

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