Monday, May 24, 2010

It has been a really beautiful month but then when has May not been beautiful? Haven’t been out to Sea much except to do my laps. One has to be a bit careful about now because The Aqua Malas (Portuguese Man O War) are due back. During my beach run this afternoon I saw a number of them at the tide line and my friend Cindy got stung the other day. Their sting is painful!

We are getting some surprisingly strong NW winds right now and for the next few days but it’s all good if you are lucky enough to be here year round like I am now. I can just wait until the next really great day(s).

I am pretty concerned about the oil spill in the Gulf. Interestingly I ran into a fellow on the beach the other day who is a Zoologist for The Louisiana Fishers Dept. He said it was “overstated” and was really not such a big deal. Wouldn’t that be nice if he is right. But then I am always leery of comments made by government officials around something like this. I am often disappointed at the lack of true understanding by those in power of how this planet actually works. Unfortunately this is generally true for the layperson as well. It is not about scientific arrogance, it is about literally being ignorant of the very basics of Biology, Chemistry and Ecology…..frightening really!

Here is the second of my series of Pagan Rock Paintings. I have seen it in a number of places I have traveled and always found it intriguing.

The symbol is known as a Triskel or Triskelion from the Greek, tri = three, skelos = legs. Though thought by some to originate in the 19th century it’s origin actually goes back to Mycenean and possibly Egyptian times, circa 3500 BPE, and perhaps even further. It is found throughout Ireland as a petroglyph in many sacred Pagan localities (ie: Newgrange).

It’s Pagan meaning is still debated by scholars but one interpretation is that it represents Earth, Water and Sky; the three elements considered by many early cultures as providing the spiritual/physical base for all things (this was before Aristotle formalized the concept of Earth, Air, Fire = Energy & Water, circa 2300 BPE). There are many forms of it besides the one here depicted. This was the one that appealed to me most. I chose the colors to represent those three elements.

"Keep on Truckin"

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