Monday, May 17, 2010

Biggest news of the week down here is that I saw my first Brewer's Blackbird. I saw lots of them in The States of course but this was the first one here. Always a special event to see a new bird species in the yard. Pretty much all the old bird crew is back: Northern Cardinals, Gilla Woodpeckers, Northern Flickers, Hooded Orioles, Scott's Orioles, Cactus Wrens, Grey Thrashers, Common House Finches, Pyrolloxias, Phainopeplas, Verdins, Ash throated Fly Catchers and more. The Osprey family is hunting, the Caracaras scavenging, the Magnificent Frigate Birds cruising…..all very cool!

Went out in my kayak this morning and saw two California Sea Lions and one Bottle Nose Dolphin but that's about it. Though humidity keeps rising, insects still keeping a low profile for which I am grateful.

My good friends Jorge and Cindy arrived the other day and soon we will be going out to the reef to do some survey work, really looking forward to that. The nice thing about an MPA or MMPA (see previous posts) is that all species will be covered so my reef work will be of more value than ever….how delightful! The governor of Baja California Sur will be here in a little over a week and I hope to have a short audience with him re the local environment and it's conservation.

My son Zack did a one on one conference with Marcy Winograd this past weekend as part of her run for congress. Check out her website ( and see my son in action. Obviously I am extremely proud of him and his devotion to this planet and ALL it's species.

In order to try to maintain a 15 min period of every day doing some form of creative work I have started painting Pagan Symbols on rocks. It is not like no one else is doing that; the stores are full of them but I am enjoying the process nonetheless. Each symbol is chosen strictly for it's "invoking power" in me. Here is a photo of my first attempt. It is The Greek "Orphic Egg".

The Orphic Egg
From Bryant's An Analysis of Ancient Mythology

The ancient symbol of the Orphic Mysteries was the serpent-entwined egg, which signified Cosmos as encircled by the fiery Creative Spirit. The egg also represents the soul of the philosopher; the serpent, the Mysteries. At the time of initiation the shell is broken and man emerges from the embryonic state of physical existence wherein he had remained through the fetal period of philosophic regeneration.

I will do others as they strike me. The internet is loaded with information and images so it will be a whole new realm of study for me. As a youth I read Jung's "Man and His Symbols" and was fascinated. How sad that Freud became the father of the psychology movement instead of Jung. How much better off we would be not influenced by Freud's personal guilt ridden reality.

Every day I thank The Great Mystery for giving me this time to converse with my Eternal Soul.

"Nam Myoho Renge Kyo"


  1. Yes, sadly, I'd take his comments with a HUGE grain of salt. Over 65 miles of coastline is already under seige...dead animals, dead wetlands, and worse. My sources tell me the opposite: its worse than we are being led to believe, not better. The spill is, and will be, vastly larger than Exxon Valdez...and the toxins BP is using to disperse the oil is making the problem worse, not better. I wish it was different...

  2. Oh, thanks for the kind words and photo. And, I realize the comment I made before this was meant for the more recent post on what the guy from Louisiana told bad :)