Thursday, September 1, 2016


Incredible, eh?

“A new study has led researchers to conclude that Octopuses (NOT Octopi) have Alien DNA. Their genome shows a never-before-seen level of complexity with a staggering 33,000 protein-coding genes identified, more than in a human being”.

When I was working at the Bodega Marine Lab in 70-71 (as their “collector”) I was also in charge of maintaining the specimen’s lab. These were all live and kept in various size and types of tanks depending on species. One of the professors was working with octopuses and I was able to watch them in action. One of them had figured out how to exit and reenter it’s aquarium through the air filter. You would have to see it to believe it but that’s not all. This octopus then raided the large fish tank across the aisle, snatched some chow and slithered back into it’s own abode unnoticed. For weeks, the professor working with the fish could not understand where all his fish were disappearing to. I happen to catch him “in the act” one night and when it spotted (felt) my attention it simply stared me down!

This is a rather interesting article. I include it because I am a true believer in the infinite possibilities that exist in our universe and even more so in this multiverse that we inhabit. As Stephen Hawkings once responded to the question, “Well Stephen, if what you say is true (Stephen’s thoughts on certain Black Hole phenomena), Hobbits could actually exist somewhere” - “ not only Hobbits but everything and anything that can be imagined actually exits” he replied. With that as one of my guidelines I do not easily dismiss the unusual. My uncle Boris was the son of my great aunt Betty (Elizabeth) and her cavalry Colonel (Col. Maslenikof) husband in The White Russian Army during the revolution. Just a little personal memory popping up. Getting a lot of those lately. Prompted by this article. 


We are getting our first tropical storm warning today (Aug. 7th) and we may get some action here in the next few days – I certainly can “feel it in the air”. The plants will be soooo happy and if the plants are happy the animals are happy. *We got some rain but nothing serious, just enough to bring out the BoBos (Gnats that go directly to your eyes, nose and ears).

How’s this for a crop circle? Again, I remind you that these are created within minutes, in complete darkness, without noise and to this date no perpetrators. Fascinatingly inexplicable!! I am sure that when I pass to the “next” side some of this will be clarified. 

Intricate, no?

My old buddy Vicente came by yesterday to check up on me and told me he had seen a dozen or more whales last week and not just humpbacks but blues and sperms. Too far out (20 miles) for me to track but wow, exciting. Another pangero saw about 20 Orcas just south of me last week the same day I was kayaking – oh to have been with them – just one more swim with them and I will be terribly grateful. 

This swim with them (a pod of about 8 hunters and 4 youngsters as observors) from some years ago convinced me of their peaceful nature. 

Me with Orca

“Caving” has never been something I’ve been drawn to though I have toured Carlsbad Caverns in S. CA. Some of the incredible caves and “spelunkers” that have discovered this vast underground world are both amazing. Here’s an article about some fantastic caves in Mexico and the “lakes” that exist in some spots.

Underground brine lake

I have a veritable Gecko family living in the bedroom. I saw two little ones (1 ½ “) and mama? Out on a excursion the other day. There is one larger one (maybe 4-5”) that I assume is the male. They always make their calls around evening time and I talk to them as best I can – generally just a “hey, buddies”.

This is a pic I took a few years back and one of my favorites. It is a Willet and common here along the playa at this time of year. Birds are so cool.


Here’s a picture that Kersti sent me that is so much the way my day often starts with laps in the sea. 

How I feel before my morning swim

And as usual for this time of yearhe only one on the whole beach. I remember how much fun it was for me, and very rare and special when I was a child to be alone in someone’s pool and just enjoy my connection to the water. Now I have the whole sea in front of me.


This pic has become more relevant to me as time moves on. Such an adventure, no?

 I continue to derive great enjoyment and satisfaction from my “rock paintings”. This is my most recent one and possibly most ambitious one to date. 


I have never lost my fascination and appreciation for Egyptian Hieroglyphs. As Will Durant said, “no culture has ever equaled The Egyptians in turning language into art”. I couldn’t agree more.

When the rocks themselves are works of art the inspiration can be intense.


The pic below MAY be my next project but not sure yet – love the colors.

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