Saturday, April 28, 2012

This is a recent crop circle. I find it strange that a phenomenon of such interesting possibilities is relegated to the media “freak bin"......then again, maybe not so strange, eh?

Mid February to Mid April had been quite a time for good friends, parties and delightful conversation. Here’s a pic of my son Zack, me and friends at John and Nantz’s beautiful home just north of me. Great party!

                     Nantz, Zack, me and Alan 

This group of charming ladies came by Shangri-La to add their feathers to my “spirit tree”. For those who come to visit, you are welcome to add your own feather.

Susanna, Patrice, Nantz, Cary, Sara 

 This is the way the “spirit tree” looks at this point. It is a new tradition for me, and allows me to imagine the spirits of my friends wafting in the breeze.

 On April 11th I took Nantz, Patrice and Sara out to help me spot Humpbacks. We came across two in front of Boca del Alamo and I got two ID’s, one a really good one.

 HB# 22 12

Then we spotted a large number (4-6) blows further out and they appeared to be Humpbacks, maybe Blues. We high balled out to about 7 miles and discovered a large group (20-25) of Sperm Whales. This was only the second time in all my searches down here that I have found Sperm Whales. They come here regularly but are not seen often. I had seen 4 Sperm Whales in 2007 but was not yet confident enough to dive with them so I didn’t, but vowed that the next time I would. Well, after a few photos I decided to go in and had what has to be yet another premier experience swimming with The Whale People. Vicente figured I got within 20-30 feet of the group but once again the water was not clear enough to see them underwater so I could only glimpse their backs, dorsal and flukes as I swam along. There was also a little bit of chop and the fact that there were at least 20 whale bodies around me stirred the water up a bit.

Close up with some Sperm Whales

My spotters, Sara, Nantz, Patrice

I went out again a week later but saw no Humpbacks. I did however see another Gray Whale, and a Bryde’s Whale. The Grays rarely come in here but The Bryde’s Whales are quite common.

Gray Whale #5 12

Bryde's Whale

Figuring that the season was over I was surprised to see a Humpback breaching directly in front of my place. I grabbed my camera and got this shot, not good but I felt it was a good-bye wave from The Whale People until next year. Fantasized that it was my old friend “Odin”.


Some weeks ago my good friend Alan Pomeroy swam with a group of “spiraling” Mobulas. I had never seen that but I could imagine how cool that must have been. Well, The Gods looked upon me favorably once again and I ran into another “spiraling” group on the 21st. I had gone out to The WZ to see what was happening and there was NOTHING. However, there were some Mobulas swimming nearby and as I watched them I noticed that they seemed to be circling. Now, I would have not paid much attention to that if it hadn’t been for Alan’s story. I paddled over and damned if they weren’t spiraling below me. I dove over the side and became part of the Mobula spiral for a while. Seeing as I was not a Mobula I was not in the competition for a mate but there were no hard feelings on either side.

Took my last turn out with Vicente on the 22nd, nada. So I’m done for the year. It was not a particularly good year in numbers, only 22 ID’s, but to be with my whale friends at all, is a gift and I cherish and appreciate it more than you know.

This morning, Sat. 4/28, I woke up with the intent to kayak out to The WZ. I got to the bluff and saw that there was more of a swell then I usually kayak in and as I turned to go back to my trailer, I said, “no, I will go out, if I stop now, I’ll stop again next time and I will weaken” (I know, I know….obsessive). Well, I went ahead and even made it out to The WZ, damn glad of it!!

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