Friday, February 10, 2012

HB# 4 12

On the 31st of January my good friend Leon Springer and his family came to see me here in El Cardonal. I had suggested long ago that they join me for a day of whale research and the timing seemed right. We had a very small wind window but early in the morning they arrived, the Sea was flat and we started our day. Vicente had hurt his back and was visiting The Curandero (same one I went to some weeks past) so our pangero was another of Cardonal’s fisherman, and good friend, Antonio. We went as far south as Los Barriles without seeing much besides some cavorting Mobulas but I kept hoping we would be lucky and find some Humpbacks. We followed my usual grid as far as Boca del Alamo and then started our run in…..ah well, we tried. And then, as has happened before, but not often, Antonio spotted two Humpbacks ahead of us. We were treated to a VERY CLOSE breach by what I suspect was a yearling (didn’t get a picture, not prepared), lots of pectoral slaps, roll overs and flukes up. I got two fine ID’s and everyone was happy to have had “The Whale Experience”.

Here’s a quote from a Yiddish Proverb that is somewhat appropo:

You can't control the wind, but you can adjust your sails.


The other day I woke up to this sunrise and rolled over to get a few more Z’s. Then I thought about having heard a few days before that there were Humpbacks spotted near Los Barriles…..and a hunting pod of Orcas also. Cold morning or not I had to go out to The WZ. I put on heavier gear and launched my kayak just as the sun came over the horizon. Once again, great exercise, but no action. It did make me reflect however, on how important it is for me to get my butt out of bed when the whales call and do what I can to be there if they are interested in an encounter. As always I felt real good after the trip even though the Sea was a bit choppy and I got a bit cold.

On the 4th I went to Cabo to see an Opthamologist about a continuing vision problem in my right eye. He said the cataract there had enlarged sufficiently to need surgery soon. I’ll wait until after the Whale Season and then see how that’s all going to play out. Regardless, it is a major bummer but not at all surprising after more than 10 years of living with the Sea/Desert/Wind.

I am not sure I mentioned this before but I have been contemplating writing a book about my adventures at Sea and particularly with The Whale People. On my 70 birthday in November I decided the time had come to start. On the 6th of this month I finished the first draft. It was pure joy writing it, now comes the editing, picture choices etc and finding a publisher. If any of you know a publisher or editor that might be interested in seeing it, I am prepared to send some chapters for perusal anytime.

Moon Rise over The Sea of Cortez from my roof

On the 7th was the full moon and I got this shot off the top of my bodega roof. The next morning I took a walk to the beach and ran across my fox friend who hunts the area around my place in the early evenings and mornings. He is so beautiful and does a good job controlling the feral cats that abound.

Desert Fox, not my pic

Just two days ago I went out with Vicente (his back is much better) but had no luck finding whales. We are entering the beginning of the peak of the season that lasts until mid March so plenty of time for getting ID’s. If I stretch my funds I may be able to go out a few times in April too. Sometimes April is very good.

I’d like to leave you with this short clip. It was sent to me by my daughter Kersti. I am certain this is a voice that is a gift from The Great Mystery. I can just imagine how much my “Whale People” would enjoy this!

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