Monday, October 24, 2011

This is a reminder I use now and again when I feel a little fear.

I suppose the biggest news at this point is that after 2 ½ months of chronic back pain I seem to be well again. I actually had the confidence to go out kayaking this morning. A short one, maybe a ½ mile out but I did do two egresses and returns into the kayak (sit on top) and a bit of snorkeling. Right now my back feels fine so I am more hopeful than ever that this episode of physical discomfort is over.

On the 10th I had my first scorpion in the trailer. No big deal, I’ve had as many as 6-8 in a year and this is the first in 2 years. Found him in my sink in the morning….annihilation! I’m at 93 cosmically challenged Scorpions since the 17th.

Right now I am sitting on the roof of my dear Q’s home, looking out to Sea (binocs ready), Vodka at my side, music on my iPod…..and I know, as “Suzy Q” starts playing (the music playing when I hit my “Stride” on Mescaline for the first time), that my Whale People are coming!!! HooHah!!! Yeah, I’m definitely feeling better. AND I have a SWEETHEART!!!

Here’s a shot of my new Spiny Tailed Iguana friend Gomez in front of his house. He’s lost his adolescent green and is launching into REPTILE WORLD, so cool!


Now, every now and again I see something on FB or sent to me by someone that REALLY cracks me up. Don’t know exactly why but this one, well, for me I “laughed till I cried”. Don’t know what it will do for you but check it out.

On a bit more “awesome” level, check this out….the glory of nature, why I became a biologist (is that what I am?)

The other day I took my camera down to the beach in case I might see something “special”, hah! Check these shots! I am blessed!!


Looking North



Stick Insect

And how do some people in this world deal with their connection with this GRAND, BEAUTIFUL experience? Watch and know, THERE IS ANOTHER WAY!! BTW: this is an “UPPER”!

Well, I got my 15 minutes of fame, two paragraphs in a slick magazine in La Paz for my “Orca Swim”. Page 32-33

So, not only has my work for the last 7 years (eighth season coming up…HOT DOG!!) helped initiate an MMPA, it appears that our work indicates there are more Humpbacks than we thought. They are coming back after all those years of killing them (1500 in The Entire North Pacific in the 60's). I am on my knees with gratitude, I face the Eagle Nierca to The East and The Arch Angel Raphael, The Divine Healer who also resides there, and the tears stream, I have done something, I am content!!

Grateful and HAPPY, see why below

None of this would have been possible without every and ONE of you. May The Great Mystery embrace you as I would.

And on a completely different about those 49er's? As a kid in the 50'sI used to watch them practice at Keasar Stadium in SF and I am still a fan!

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