Sunday, September 11, 2011

Is this not a cool shot. Obviously not mine but taken by The Cassini Spacecraft as it passed Saturn. This is a REAL photo, no enhancement of any kind, just the beauty of our neighborhood.

For the last two weeks there have been a number of Sea Turtles coming in to nest on our beaches down here. On Aug. 27th I found 6 nests and two sets of tracks. Unfortunately there were no tracks leading back in and the nests had lots of evidence of human disturbance. I am afraid The Poachers have been busy. There are laws but few personnel to enforce…..same old, same old.

On the 29th I kayaked up the coast to check a few more spots but found no other obvious nesting sites. The refrigerator I moved 6 weeks ago did some damage to my back and my physical activity has been limited. I have not been out to The WZ, well, for 6 weeks. Fortunately there are no Whales at this time so…..

When I came out of my trailer the other morning I must have been on a mutual trajectory for a Paper Wasp on it’s way to it’s hive about 8’ away. Thinking I was a threat, it stung me twice on the top of my head. Not as bad as a Scorpion sting but a bit more painful then a Yellow Jacket. I decided not to destroy the nest out of revenge and am living peacefully with the hive nearby.

Paper Wasp nest under my palapa roof.

Now that we have had a bit of rain and all the plants are green and full of blossoms, The Reptile’s are becoming more active and many, like my Spiny Tailed Iguana “Bub”, are taking on their “courting colors”. Here are some pics of Bub before and after.

Before his colors

After his colors.

I received a request to submit a short article and pics of my swim with The Orca’s in February to a La Paz magazine called “Paradise”. I have submitted it and now we’ll see. This might be my 15 minutes!

The other day I went down to the beach to take an evening stroll and saw a Green Sea Turtle coming in toward my beach.

Look in the center of the frame for a slight bump in the wave.
I gauged it’s progress and figured I could get back to my trailer and get my camera before it landed on the beach. I did that, also getting some chow and a cocktail for comfort (I may be there for a while after all). As she was coming in I got another closer pic that shows pretty good detail.

Alas, the tide and surge carried her past a safe pull out so she circled The Reef and went on North. For a while there though, I had the great good fortune of just hanging out with her. Blessed,eh!

We had our first and only, at this writing, significant rain on the 5th of Sept. 2-3 hrs straight of consistent medium heavy rain…..perfect.

Rain dripping off my palapa's hurricane net.

My plants were all so happy.

The rain also brought out the Dragon flies again by the thousands, except now most of them were “coupled” up…..aah, fecundity!! My friend the Millipedes are out again too, right on schedule.

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  1. This was a nice post, Urmas. Sad news about the turtles. See you soon. I think we're coming in with Lynn and the gang.