Wednesday, April 6, 2011

On the 26th of March Alan Pomeroy invited me to dinner to have one of our “Dinners with Andre” series. He cooked a delicious shrimp linguini and suggested the topic of dreams, memory and sleep. I cannot even begin to describe how much I enjoy these times with Alan. The atmosphere is so very “ civilized” that I often feel transported into another dimension and the dialogue is so refreshing.

Went out to look for whales on the 29th and found 3. Good day but I was feeling a bit weak and that always both disappoints me and to some degree frightens me. It is my 70th year and all that but damn, I’m not ready to feel like this…..even occasionally! Yeah, I know…..surrender to the inevitable.

Mom & Calf

Good ID, HB# 14 11

Two dear friends from many years, Nancy & Janet

April first however I kayaked out to the whale zone, and though saw little, decided to do some laps in. I did 20 over the reef and then got cold but felt a certain delight in having done it at all.

Ah, but…..something wrong with my eye. Oh good, I have a cataract developing in my left eye. Surgery indicated……damn!!! OK, got to surrender to that now.

I am also suffering from the disappointment of a very, very light season on IDs……and then, I go out on the 4th of April and get 14 IDs, almost a record. Here are two of the better ones.

HB# 20 11

HB# 27 11

So I go out again on the 6th of April and conditions are exquisite. The Sea is like glass and there are whales about. Our third encounter is with a whale that is putting on a breaching exhibition.

We approach him/her to get a fluke shot and it gives us many, sort of like…..”hey, watch this, and now let me show you who I am” (a flukes up).

HB#1 08, HB#8 09, HB#34 11 "Odin"

Then I get this idea that I want to go in with this whale, it is like inviting me into the action. he is definitely calling me!

I suit up and Vicente tries his best to get me in good position but the best we can do is about 75 feet. I dive in and see him on the surface but can’t swim closer, he’s moving to fast. “He” did I say? Exactly, because when I get home and put the photos on my computer I recognize him right away….it’s “Odin”, the whale my son Zack adopted in 2008! This is the ONLY returnee whale I have gotten into my grid not only once but twice, AIN”T THAT A HOOT!

I am going out again Friday afternoon if the winds hold. Who knows what to expect, eh?