Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My adopted family from Quebec are here so an additional flag is flying at the entrance to Shangri-La. I have always been partial to the Fleur-de-Lis and the history it represents.

The whale season is definitely not as it was last year. I still have only 10 IDs while last year at this time I had 36. It is not of concern due to reports of large numbers around Todos Santos, Cabo and San Jose. Vicente and I believe that they will still come here to our area, just a bit later than usual. I am just happy to know they are back here in Mexican waters after their long and arduous migration back from The North. The other day however, I saw three Blue Whales and two Humpbacks within a ½ mile of shore. I couldn’t get out to them due to the wind but it was sure nice to see them cruising by and thinking I might know one or two of them.

Here’s a pic taken a week ago however, of another mother and calf pair to show up this year. This is always a good sign (this calf is probably another yearling and will be weaned down here this season).

While not out at Sea I have had the opportunity to spend time with my adopted grandchildren from Quebec. The youngest, Quentin, loves nature walks so we went on three such while he was here. Here he is scoping the arroyo for critters and then later discovering a great cache of bones.

This is his older brother Tristan who I had over recently for a discussion about chemistry. An earlier talk with him prompted me to give him The Quantum Foam Lecture. I talked for 2 hrs straight and he barely got a word in. Those of you who were students of mine might remember this lecture so you know what I put him through. He accepted all graciously.

Some of you won’t believe this but I had a visit from Jehovah’s Witnesses the other day. Now I have often commented on my views on religion but these people bring out the devil in me. Before they had a chance to even begin their spiel I gave them a discourse on the history of The Church, my delight in being a “Born again Pagan” and shooed them on their way with a somewhat sarcastic “Namaste”. I mean come on……here at Shangri-La?

I have a visitor here for a few days, Deborah Siciluna from Malta.

I met her in San Jose some months back and invited her to join me for a whale search. We went out two days ago but didn’t see any Humpbacks or Blues. Did run across a couple of really good sized Bryde’s Whales though. Bigger than either Vicente or I had seen before. Due to this being the second time out without an ID I decided not to go out again this morning and instead took her kayaking out to The WZ. No whales but on the way in we ran across a pod of 10-15 Common Pacific Dolphins. “Debbs” made a perfect intercept and the pod had a great time “playing” with her in her kayak. They were moving to fast to try to get in with them but they were all around and under our kayaks…..even bumped Debbs once. I’ve never had dolphins bow ride my kayak before, great fun of course and the dolphins were getting a real kick out of Debbs joy in the moment.

Some of you might enjoy this also. Sent to me by Debbs.

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