Tuesday, January 4, 2011

If you missed the kayak rescue story, go back one post.

Winter north winds are starting to blow, so very few chances to either kayak or swim. Luckily I have a bunch of real good friends that keep bringing me books, DVDs and movie downloads so I am not at a loss for entertainment. I miss the exercise but the work in the garden makes up for some of that and I can always walk my beautiful beach.

Here’s a picture of a very friendly and fearless Sea Turtle that let us visit with it a few days back, we saw three that day which is always nice.

Not so nice is a dead Humpback that washed ashore north of us wrapped up in a gill net day before yesterday. We tried to find it so I could get some shots and maybe some ID from the gill net but as hard as we searched we couldn’t find the whale. This is becoming an increasingly serious problem as the myth of “not enough food for the planets people” is perpetuated by the food industry. There is way more than enough food to feed everyone, it’s simply distributed according to profit, therefore the majority of the worlds people simply can’t afford it. As long as THE MYTH prevails, there will be more gill nets, more entanglements etc.

This is a whale similariy entangled in a gill net and dead that washed ashore during the 2009 season.

I have posted pictures of some of my really good friends off and on and the recent HS reunion has inspired me to show you some of my very dearest men friends. Alan Pomeroy and George (Jorge) Sievers (Mexico buds) I have posted before and in my last post I had my old buddy Frank Denney on the blog…..well here’s another.

This is John Erving who I started school with in the 4th grade. We went to different high schools and Universities but always stayed in touch and still see each other now and again. He was a real fine athlete, as were all my friends, and we shared some “high” adventure, ie: sailing a small “El Toro” boat on Clear Lake once in a BIG wind. John skippered and I kept some of the younger guys comforted. We climbed Mt. Konocti together and raced jeeps. This picture was taken recently when he realized one of the items on his “Bucket List”, a ride in an open cockpit biplane.

Had some great news from my boy Zack regarding some Native American energy.

In July of 2010, the Feather Dancers of the Tribes joined Friends of the Eel River (FOER) at a swimming hole in the Hearst area, a few miles downstream of the PG&E Potter Valley diversion (PVP) to the Russian River. The dance was to call in the waters to aid the salmon in their migration. The waters came!

Not my pic

For 6 years I crossed The Border on Dec. 31st so I could spend New Years Eve at Hussong’s Bar in Ensenada, Mexico. It is my favorite bar in The World and if it weren’t so far away I would still be going there. Can’t be there but I still put out my new Earth and Mexico flags each January first to replace the previous years wind blown ones (you should see them after a Hurican). This year was not so bad.

Before pic

After pic

Saw some blows from my bodega roof yesterday, really got my juices flowing. Arranged with Vicente to go out after the 15th (depending on winds) and see what we can find. The seasons first ID is always kinda special. May have some spotting help from my dear friends Susanna Pepperwood and Carrie Hamburg.

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