Saturday, September 25, 2010

This pic is just to get your attention. It is my daughter Kersti in her Halloween getup in 1980. Costume by Dana Crumb, my second wife and to a great extent my kid's savior.

Had a nice visit from my new friend Stephanie and her daughter Mary Jane. Took them out to The WZ twice in kayaks, saw 4 turtles, a Mobula or two and one really large Panamanic Green Moray Eel. The eel was about 4 ½ feet long but it’s girth is what was so impressive. I would estimate that it’s dorsal to ventral surface was 9”-10” and 5”-6” broad at the neck, a real elder. I believe I remember someone telling me last year of seeing this same eel (Jorge, Alan, Marilyn)?

Panamic Green Moray Eel, Not my pic

Dry as a bone down here around El Cardonal up until this morning (Tues. 21st). Started raining last night (Tropical Storm Georgette) and it is now 11:00 am and it is still blustery with intermittent rain….yahoo!! We expect more the rest of the day and some tomorrow so every critter happy. Of course that means the BoBo’s will come out again and the scorpions but that’s the way of it, eh? There is no indication Georgette will develop into a Hurricane but people are putting up shutters here and there.

Talk about bad timing, I chose to do a major wash yesterday and all my stuff is out on the line right now. Boy will it smell good when it all dries out!! Just had another quick cloud burst while writing the last sentence. The trailer of course is snug as could be, I even had a cup of hot chocolate this morning.

Oh, by the way, my website is down for a bit but I am in the process of reestablishing it. This years changes will also be up before the end of the year I expect.

I have decided to build a carport for my dependable Subaru Impreza (these are such great cars); it deserves it. 7 solo trips down here and back from Ukiah (1700 miles) without one single problem, ever!

The Sea is supposed to calm way down in the next few days so I’ll be kayaking again soon. I did my first full work out yesterday after a two week hiatus. Also back to 2 meals per day and lots of Creosote/Green sun tea. Feeling revived!

It is now the day after Georgette and I tried a lap swim this morning, bad choice. The sea was full of little stinging critters and before I got 30 strokes in I was ready to leave the water. Not unexpected but I had to try. That gave me the morning to work on a palapa I am building over my car. The work went well and my body feels it. How did I ever put in the 8 to 10 hr days with The Yurt Works??

The millipedes and the black beetles are back. WATER changes everything so, so fast. The plants are of course happy but the insects are just ecstatic!!

Vicente came by a while ago to say hello and promised me some fresh Snapper or Dorado tomorrow, he’s taking some Gringos out for fishing. Although there are a very few hardcore gringo fisher people here occasionally, El Cardonal is in it’s quietest period right now and I love it. Just finished eating the last of the tuna Vicente brought me 2 weeks ago.

I’m rewatching all the episodes of Lost right now and need season 4 & 6, anyone got them? E-mail me: I never saw season 4 and have not seen 6 and I’m just enjoying the intricacy of the plot. I have been told the season finale sucks but that doesn’t change anything….I’m having a good time with it NOW.

Skimmers yet again, biggest migration yet on Wed. 22nd. Eliminated a good sized scorpion today. He was under my garbage can outside and could have given me a serious grief if stung.

Javier (Jose Martin’s brother) saw 2 HBs going north on this day about 2 miles out, no action or tails but cruising. The pic below is one I took last year from my place at the early part of the season. You just don’t mistake this for a Mobula, Marlin or anything else.


Great kayak the other day, full moon going down, sun coming up, Friday 24th.

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