Monday, July 12, 2010

So far it has been an incredibly beautiful summer. We have only had a week altogether of what could be called hot weather. It is just about perfect. No winds to speak of, every day a kayaking day and no major jellyfish action. Swimming laps therefore, is delightful; I’m up to 30 now and that’s as good as I’ve done (with regularity) in 20 years. Speaking of kayaking check out this shot of a dentist, a Doctor Richard Kraft of Sitka, Alaska, with a Humpback coming up right under him while the whale was feeding. No harm done according to the doctor!

I saw the most beautiful fox yesterday at sunset hunting along my fence line. I couldn’t get a shot of him because as soon as I moved he was gone. Really sleek looking with a long bushy tail and considerably bigger than the foxes I’m used to seeing in The States. I think I may have seen him before.

I did get a picture of yet another Iguana/Lizard (?) on the property. This one has taken up residence in one of the cacti. He got curious when I accidentally sprayed his home with the hose.

It is good sized so I’m leaning toward identifying it as another Spiny Tailed Iguana (it also has the classic tail) but I’m going to have to get a better look.

Biggest adventure for me this past week was going in to San Jose del Cabo and staying two nights at the Grand Mayan Hotel.

This was a gift from John Schaeffer and Nancy Hensley and I made the most of it. I had a room with my own small pool on the balcony, tub in the bedroom, two TVs, full kitchen….what fun! I took advantage of ALL the amenities, beach, pool(s), spa, hot tubs and a buffet dinner that was outstanding. I did of course eat too much and suffered later but while I was eating it was heavenly, and worth it. I also went into San Jose Centro and heard a really good Mexican band playing in The Square (one of my favorite places down here) and stopped for some pastries and fresh bread at The French Bakery nearby before leaving.

Nicest of all I made some new friends. In order of their appearance in my life: Jesus who helped me with my bags, Ramily at the jewelry store in the hotel, Marcelina who runs the spa and Fernanda and “Mack” also at the jewelry store. They were real sweet to me and very interested in my whale work.

All together a great change of pace for me, good for the blood. It also reminded me of the incredible life I lead here in little El Cardonal.

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