Sunday, February 7, 2010

I was about to go do laps yesterday morning when I decided instead to go out to The Whale Zone in my kayak. I had seen some whales going south in front of Los Algodones earlier and figured maybe there were more in the area. In a very short time I did see three more blows but quite a ways out. They were going north however and I felt there was a chance I could make an intercept. The wind was coming up and I was a bit cold but I just didn’t want to give up so I went for it. I have found that it is very important and highly beneficial at this time in my life to push very hard against any hesitation to take my body, and mind, to the limit.
On their third blow series I was within 75-100’ of them and the calf turned and came directly for the kayak. Then the two adults fluked up and seemed to also come in my direction. The calf veered to the north and I was able to kayak with him at about 50’ away for a short while and then he went down. Now I was quite a ways from “home” but I wanted to try for one more encounter so I continued paddling north and at a slight angle to see if perhaps they would surface nearby. When they did resurface they were parallel to me but had veered east and were another ½ mile out. Now a big decision. Well, I went for it yet again and I have to say that I was very happy with myself for my tenacity. Unfortunately at the next blow series they had picked up the pace and were definitely going further out to sea and it was just a bit much for me to follow any further.
I had a 4 mile pull back to El Cardonal but the wind and swell were with me, I had water, a Cliff Bar and a wet suit if I got any colder so I was in good shape. I have to admit though that by the time I hit the beach I was REALLY tired…….but empowered by the Sea and my Whale Friends once again!!
I am hoping to go out again with Vicente next Tues. or Wed. Maybe with a new friend, always nice.

This picture is not mine. It was FWD to me but it is one I had to share. The caption above it said, “Giving Thanks” and then below it it said, “Cats are so Dramatic”!

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