Thursday, March 5, 2009

A very special day today. As usual we went out at 7:30 am and had with us Alan and Marilyn Pomeroy from Alameda, California. They are two of my very dearest friends down here in El Cardonal and also generous contributors to my work. Alan and I have been attempting to have "close encounters" with The Whale People for a number of years now.

Within 10 minutes of being out, Elizabeth spotted a blow and we headed for it. It was obvious from the blow and the back that it was a Blue Whale; always a treat. I got my IDs and then asked Elizabeth and Alan if they were ready to go in with the whale. No persuasion needed! We suited up and intercepted the whale but were not in the right place. The second time the same. The third time we were in the right place and Elizabeth swam hard to get as close as possible. Her efforts were successful. She got within 5-8 ft of it and dove just as the whale did. She was gifted with a sight of this magnificent creature diving down into the depths while she herself was also there. I was right behind her but did not see the whale underwater.

To see her expression as she assimilated the experience was a delight! Weather still holding so will go out again tomorrow. 23 HB IDs now and 5 Blues. Good year so far.

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