Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Boy....this is like “pulling teeth”. Since my stroke I have been so lacking in basic vitality that I can’t even write. I will skip talking about my present condition, consequent views and plans till the end of the blog. That way those who are not interested in that personal part of my life do not have to hear about it – I can well understand!

I am back at Shangri-La again – for how long – hard to say. One thing for sure, there are lots of whales this year. Whether I get to do my work this season however is iffy for a number of reasons.....we’ll see. At present I don’t have even one new whale pic to show you but I am sure I will get some from shore if nowhere else and I will happily share those with you.

Well, I couldn’t resist. Here’s a shot of “Odin” in 2011 just before I took a swim with him.

"Odin" is my son Zack's adoptee

Whatever is going on within the humpback population it seems good. Not only are the numbers good but the whales are also in great condition, lots of happy calves and adults full of energy with lots of breaching and other surface activity. 

As long as I put up that pic, here are two more that I really like....just animals like us – being beautiful.

 Red Fox in charge

 Bottle Nose Dolphins doing their thing. Saw this two days ago. NMP

Nature pics always bring this to mind.

 What could be more logical. Why the necessity for mythological Gods?

A little further out there (planetarily speaking), some exciting news in astronomy. Another close neighbor that might harbor life. All we need is ONE extraterrestrial CELL and the universe and our reality will demand a paradigm shift. If I live to see it, I will consider it a gift from The Great Mystery.

Enceladus, one of Saturn's moons

 Liqued water, heat energy, minerals......there are your "Gods"!

Is this not appropriate?


And this:

"Modern physics is describing what the ancient wisdom keepers of the Americas have long known. These shamans, known as 'the Earthkeepers,' say that we’re dreaming the world into being through the very act of witnessing it. Scientists believe that we’re only able to do this in the very small subatomic world. Shamans understand that we also dream the larger world that we experience with our senses."
--Alberto Villoldo.

And that leads to this....are YOU feeling it?

Has anyone else noticed an extra sensitivity? Has anyone else felt others more strongly? More background to the feelings that you pick up from others?
This is what we believe to be true: 
We have passed a marker in our evolution. We can see this in how issues that were once on the fringe are becoming more prominent in world consciousness. Renewable energy. Green technology. Organic food stuffs rather then the chemical replacements. These are simply a few of the many ways that Lightworkers around the world and through time have had an impact on world consciousness. This is the reason that we choose to come here again and again! To make a lasting difference! Is the world a perfect place? No, yet with each Lightworker on this planet living in their Truth, it is only a matter of time before the whole of humanity will be awake!
A step in this direction is the extra sensitivity that some of us may be experiencing. The impact that Lightworkers are having on the world has started to open ancient doors shut many lifetimes ago. The connectivity to nature. The lure to the wild as our Mother calls us back to her. The looks of recognition in the eyes of stranger as we pass them by. And in that look passes a massive amount of intuitive information. We have known them many lifetimes, even if they are a stranger to us in this one. These, we believe, are signs of our Spiritual evolution. We recognize our Spiritual selves, our Higher Selves more clearly. Our Guides seemingly speak louder. 
Our instincts seem to be sharper. As we grow more in touch with ourselves and our Truth, we open the door that much wider allowing us to step more into our Divine Self.
With the sensitivity that we are feeling, there will be an adjustment period. Our old paradigms will hold less and less influence within us. The new Energy will draw us to a new understanding of ourselves, our Truth and, our role as a Lightworker. Fear not, for we are not alone! As we grow we will feel the connection to the Earth more clearly! We will have a better understand of our role as a Lightworker! This is NOT to say that everything will be sunshine and roses. Only that we are beginning a new phase in our Journey that will allow us the opportunities to manifest our dreams and desires! Yet it is up to the individual and their Truth. 
With the influence Lightworkers have had on world consciousness already, imagine what the world will look like when all have Awakened.
Here’s a little something to tickle the cerebral palate of those of you who are seekers and have known since CHILDHOOD that everything was ONE.
I cannot believe the level of anti-science incorporated in the rhetoric of The Republican Party – do they really think that we are as gullible as the people of the middle ages? 

Ah well, I will let my son Zack deal in that battle ground. He has just been hired by The Prevention Institute as a media specialist – check out their site and watch it blossom as Zack’s energy begins to enrich it.

 Zack standing up after a bad broken ankle - ready for battle!
Took a break from writing this and now the next day and guess what!! Went out in my kayak this morning and had two close encounters with humpback  whales – what a treat!! No camera – sorry.  I need a simple Kodak “Playsport” that can take BOTH stills and movies....anybody want to donate? Medical bills have taken their toll. My old pilote Vicente has offered me some FREE rides out to help out, what a guy.

This is what the encounters looked like but are pics from previous years.

 A mom and calf went right under us.

 A short while later this one came from NOWHERE to greet us!
That’s about all the energy I’ve got for this now. Suffice it to say that I have an “aggressive” cancer in my prostate and I have a difficult choice to make. Radiation/hormones or wait and watch. Both have their consequences without any assurances. For now enjoying my very special life here – no pain, no physical difficulties, no metastasis....but looming.
A special.......very special thank you to my daughter Kersti and her husband Bill Evans for their untiring devotion to my care while with them – we are truly FAMILY. I LOVE YOU.

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